ICON has 20 years of wireless and mobility experience to help you make the right decisions on how to provide the best mobile work experience for your team. Our consultants are vendor agnostic and true experts in RF, management, and security.

As the wireless workplace becomes more commonplace, network administrators need to re-think their network and solve for the end-to-end experience. Companies that move into this modern era need to recognize that there will be more users, more traffic, and more IoT devices all connecting to their network. How do network administrators address these complex issues?

With an intent-based network, your network grows more intuitive every day because it is informed by context and powered by design. ICON’s wireless solutions are an integral component of intent-based networking, delivering the ability to simplify operations and proactively manage the network, as well as provide security throughout. From the IoT to a growing inventory of applications, ICON’s wireless network provides always-on access and the performance to make sure your devices and applications won’t slow down.

An ICON wireless network is built for a digital world delivering a secure, scalable wireless architecture that is easier to deploy and manage. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small to medium-sized business, ICON’s Wireless can grow alongside your business.